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Too fast?

By John Farnam

Not long ago, I attended the demonstration of a pneumatic target system designed for pistol training. A crowd of police officers also gathered to see this new device. 

We all watched as pneumatically-actuated steel plates  popped up and down from behind a steel sill. As you might imagine, this  system allowed the operator to pop targets up and down in sequence, and for  adjustable amounts of exposure time.

The manufacturer had a well-known, competitive shooter on hand to demonstrate his system. Ever the showman, the competition shooter  performed several shooting exhibitions, using a typical hyper-tricked-out,  race-gun/monstrosity and utterly impractical, competition leather gear. 

In  addition, like all pistol competitors these days, he wore satin pajamas full of  assorted, commercial messages. While entertaining, I wondered what the  purpose of this exhibition was, other than pure amusement. 

When I put this question to the manufacturer, he replied that he wanted to show us all that his  system can train police officers to shoot "really fast."

"Why is that important?" I asked.  "Well, don't you  want to be able to shoot fast?" was his exasperated reply. 

He went on by pointing out  that  his hired pretty-boy could consistently shoot plates which were exposed for a  mere three-quarters of a second, from a range of eight meters, all from the  ready

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