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I will win because...

There isn’t a cop out there who doesn’t want to go home safely at the end of each shift—it doesn’t matter if you’re in patrol, corrections, investigations, or administration, we all want to “win” every confrontation. But have you given much thought as to why you want to stay safe? It is human nature to run from danger, and yet we’ve all chosen a profession where we run toward the shots, jump into other people’s fights, willingly make traffic stops not knowing what we may encounter, or work in prisons knowing that each day we’ll be dealing with nothing but convicted felons. We know that 59,000 of us will be assaulted, 16,000 will be injured, and at least 130 of us will be killed each year, and not a single one of us is going to get rich doing it, but we keep right on going back to work, hoping to come out “the winner” in each and every encounter.

In the Street Survival Seminar we talk a lot about winning. Winning confrontations and winning deadly force encounters. We don’t want you to just “survive,” we want you to WIN! physically, emotionally, and legally. In fact, the instructors work pretty hard to get you and keep you in that winning mindset throughout the seminar. In the very first hour we show you a dramatic and gut wrenching video of a young deputy who doesn’t win, who is shot to death in a cruel and senseless encounter with a madman, and then we follow it with a slide that says: “I will win because...”

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