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Know your enemy: Militant militias targeting cops

Domestic militias know the customs of America and can blend in far better than any foreign terrorist

A while back I wrote an article listing eight books I thought everyone should read. One of those books was the Art of War by Sun Tzu. One of the dictums in the book was “Know your enemy and know yourself and in a thousand battles you will never know defeat.” With the news that has come out over the past several weeks concerning militia groups — particularly those that specifically target police — this dictum now appears to have more importance than ever before.

The news that a militia group intended to wage war against the United States and had targeted police officers came as no surprise to me. I’ve studied militia and hate groups for years because I’ve always thought they were a more serious danger to the United States, and to law enforcement, that any foreign terrorist group. If you think about it, they are members of the social group, share the same social outlooks, know the customs of America, and can blend in far better than any foreign terrorist. In my book, this makes them far more dangerous. However, how much do officers really know about militia groups and what they stand for?

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