Fla. officer creates anti-ambush device to reduce LODDs

The device has a 360-degree motion sensor that tracks movement within a 25-foot radius

By PoliceOne Staff

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — With the recent increase in ambush attacks on police, one officer is aiming to reduce them with a new invention. 

Officer Vasile Ciuperger created “Stop Ambush,” a device that could help increase officer safety.

“Seeing some of the senseless killings of police officers throughout [the] country lately, I think my product will make a big difference possibly between someone going home at the end of their shift," Ciuperger told KCBY.


The device has a 360-degree motion sensor that tracks motion within a 25 foot radius. “Stop Ambush” sits on the roof of the officer’s patrol vehicle, signaling to the officer when someone is coming toward them and what direction they’re coming from, the news station reported. 

Ciuperger said that using the computer inside an officer’s vehicle reduces the officer’s line of vision, making them more vulnerable. 

"So this device uses red arrows and beeping sounds to grab [the] officer’s attention. You could have six people approaching you from six different directions, and you will have six arrows showing you," Ciuperger said. 

The device, which took five years to develop, is available online for $500 at stopambush.com. 

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