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Woman makes ‘Sorry I tried to bite you’ cake for cop

Celina Dally wanted to apologize to Officer Guillory after she was arrested for public intoxication

By PoliceOne Staff

LAKE CHARLES, La. — A woman who was arrested after a wine tasting got the best of her apologized to a police officer with a cake.

UPI reported that Celina Dally presented a cookie cake with the words “Sorry I tried to bite you” to Officer Guillory after she was arrested for public intoxication, according to her Facebook post.

"Most of you [don’t] know lol but I was arrested on October 7 for public intoxication and also for assaulting an officer (not proud of it but it happened)," Dally wrote on Facebook. "Anyway, as most of you do know I'm way too nice. My conscious was eating at me so I decided to find Officer Guillory (who's super sweet btw) and apologize with a cookie cake!”

Dally was arrested after attending a wine tasting with a friend, who called paramedics on the way home when Dally passed out.

Dally later woke up in jail with the charges of public intoxication and assaulting an officer.


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