Video: Man shot, woman injured in OIS on RI highway

Several officers were chasing a white pickup truck with two people inside when the shooting happened Thursday

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UPDATE 3:04 p.m. (PST): 

Police have shown highway surveillance footage of the moments leading up to a deadly shooting involving officers on a busy stretch of Interstate 95 in Rhode Island.

The Department of Transportation video shows a driver racing in a white truck down a highway Thursday morning as he tried to elude police cars then repeatedly ramming a woman's car as officers jumped out of the way.

Providence police identified the dead man as 32-year-old Joseph Santos and the inured passenger as Christine Demers.

Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare says there was an imminent threat to officers' safety.

No weapon was found in the vehicle.

Officials say Providence and state police fired 40 rounds total. Authorities say five Providence officers fired their weapons; they didn't say how many state police officers fired.


PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The police chief in Providence is defending his officers' use of force in a morning shooting on Interstate 95 in Rhode Island.

Several officers were chasing a white pickup truck with two people inside when the shooting happened Thursday. One man was killed and a woman was injured.

WFXT-TV reports Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements says several officers on scene received enough of a threat to use that type of force.

Clements said the truck driver was behaving so aggressively, he was causing a huge public safety risk and several people were in danger.

Police found no weapons in the truck.

A witness who filmed the shooting from a neighboring on-ramp told news outlets that the driver was boxed in on the road and slammed into cars behind him and in front of him as officers surrounded it.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare tells WPRI-TV that some of the officers were wearing body cameras during the shooting, which happened Thursday around 10:45 a.m. on a jam-packed section of road where two highways merge alongside the city's downtown.

Pare said they are now reviewing the footage. He said nine or 10 officers fired their weapons. They are all on administrative leave, protocol in any officer-involved shooting, he said.

The attorney general's office is reviewing the shooting.

Police haven't released the identity of the man killed or female passenger injured. They have said she is expected to survive.

The man killed was not the suspect in the theft of a state police cruiser around 9 a.m., Pare said Thursday. But the police chief in neighboring Cranston told WPRI that state police had alerted area officers that the suspect may have jumped in the back of a white pickup truck.

Cranston Police Col. Michael Winquist said an officer saw a white pickup driving erratically and pulled it over, but the driver took off. The officer followed the truck but lost it, he said. Later, they confirmed that the truck in the shooting was the same one that had fled in Cranston, he told the station.


Esta experiencia la acabo de vivir hace aproximadamente 10 minutos, no se exactamente que pasó pero la policía mató a 1 o 2 personas y yo estaba atrapado a escasos 10 metros GRACIA DIOS por tu protección en esta balacera.

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