Video shows fatal OIS of driver who led pursuit, accelerated toward LEO

After ignoring police commands, the suspect put the car in reverse and accelerated towards an officer before being shot

By PoliceOne Staff

ROCK FALLS, Ill. — An Illinois police department released dash cam footage of officers fatally shooting a man who led them on a pursuit and accelerated toward an officer.

On Jan. 26, Nathaniel T. Edwards was returning from a party when Officer Dustin Sugars tried to pull him over for speeding, reported. After Edwards ignored the officer’s attempt to pull him over, Deputy Sean Coutts, Sgt. Jonathan Cater and Officer Ethan Riley joined in on the ensuing pursuit.

Edwards can be seen on video using his turn signal and slowing at a yield sign, but continuing to ignore police. Edwards can also be seen driving around patrol vehicles attempting to block his path multiple times.

When Sugars tries to stop Edwards again, the suspect pulls into a driveway. The suspect then can be seen ignoring Sugars’ commands and saying “kill me” after Sugars warns Edwards that he’ll be shot.

After being told not to back up, Edwards puts the car in reverse and accelerates towards Cater, who’s standing behind the car on the passenger side. Cater moves out of the way and fires six shots into the back window, five of which hit Edwards.

Police remove Edwards out of the car and perform CPR before taking him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

Toxicology results showed that Edward, who has a long history of drug and alcohol-related traffic offenses, was drunk and high on marijuana at the time of the shooting. His blood alcohol content was .189, more than double the legal limit to drive.

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