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Woman, 92, won't be charged for shooting Ohio officer

A Toledo police lieutenant was shot in the head as he entered the home of an elderly woman who called 911 about a possible burglar

By PoliceOne Staff

TOLEDO, Ohio — A 92-year-old woman won’t be charged for shooting an officer in the head as he responded to a call of a suspected burglar outside her home. 

Toledo police Lt. Randy Pepitone, 54, was entering the home of Annie Huddleston when she fired her late husband’s revolver, striking the officer in the side of the head, according to the Toledo Blade

"After doing a perimeter check and finding no signs of anyone trying to break in and after trying to contact Ms. Huddleston with no response, the lieutenant sent other officers to the back of the house while he forced entry,” the newspaper reported.

Pepitone reported a loud explosion next to his ear and the taste of blood in his mouth as he went down.

"It was a little intense at first," Pepitone told the newspaper. "I didn't know if a bad guy had broken in and was firing at us."

Firefighters who were already on the scene applied medical treatment, then took Pepitone to Toledo Hospital, where he was further treated and later released. He said he planned to return to work Thursday, but a headache kept him home.

Huddleston’s gun was confiscated, but she will not be charged in the shooting, with Heffernan saying it didn't meet all the culpability standards for felonious assault on an officer, according to the article.

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