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Top 10 police stories of 2012

Throughout the year, PoliceOne covers hundreds of stories about breaking news, police heroes, tragedies, bizarre stories, and many other topics that affect law enforcement day to day.  

We went through our archives from the year and selected ten of the biggest stories to happen in 2012. 

1. Utah officer killed, 5 others wounded in shootout

One of the first stories to come out of 2012 was also one of the most tragic.  When serving a drug-related search warrant turned into a shootout, five officers came out of the rampage injured — some critically — while a sixth officer lost his life. This incident was just recounted by a member of the police department, Eric Young. 

2. NH cop: Chief saved my life

The beloved police chief killed when ops raided a home hunting for prescription pills and cocaine likely saved another officer's life that fatal night, pulling the injured cop from the home's porch and into a nearby cruiser before jumping back into the deadly fire fight. 


3. Active shooter kills 12 in Colo. attack

One of the biggest news stories to hit the U.S. this year was the theater shooting in Aurora Colorado that left 12 dead during a Batman screening. The unthinkable tragedy still has thousands mourning, and many shaking their heads searching for a motive. 

4. Dying Colo. boy, 12, sworn in as police officer

One of the more heartwarming stories of the year also comes out of Colorado. Jose Rubio-Pavon, 12, was grinning ear to ear when Brighton police swore in the terminally ill boy, who's dream was to become a police officer. 

5. Officer talks about getting shot 12 times at Sikh Temple

One news story that we've given particular attention to this year — and for good reason — is the tragic shooting that took place at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin that killed seven, and the miraculous will and recovery of an officer that was shot a dozen times. 

6. Officer drowns saving family from surging Sandy

Hundreds of stories burst onto the news scene as a result of Hurricane Sandy, a storm that destroyed many parts of New York, New Jersey, and surrounding areas in October. One particular story that caught our hearts and attention was that of Officer Artur Kasprzak, who drowned during the storm while rescuing his family from surging flood waters. 

7. NYC cop buys shoes for homeless man in viral photo

A simple, heart-warming gesture from an NYPD cop that was caught on camera by a touched tourist became an overnight sensation after the photo of the officer giving a homeless man boots went viral. Of course, several stories followed the good deed, but it was the original that actracted the country's attention.  

8. Marijuana legalized in historic votes for Colo. and Wash. 

The legalization of the recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington state sparked a huge debate between our members, and has greatly changed the day-to-day work of the departments affected by the law change. 

9. Video: Women file suit over 'painful' roadside cavity search

A video of two women being searched by an officer made the headlines in December, with the pair alleging they were subjected to an illegal and humiliating “roadside body cavity search” during a traffic stop. 

The year wound down on a tragic note when a man opened fire inside a Newtown, Conn., elementary school taking the lives of 20 children and six teachers.

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