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Philly police increase firepower policy

Police can choose the higher caliber .40 or .45 to combat the high caliber weapons on the streets

By Kenneth Moton

PHILADELPHIA — It's no secret, on the streets of Philadelphia, police encounter some heavy firepower. On the range and on patrol, the department issued 9mm handgun has been the standard, but Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey says it was time for a change to higher caliber weapons.

1,200 guns have been taken off the streets so far this year. The yearly average is between 4,000 and 5,000 with many of them being high powered weapons. So now, new police recruits can choose the higher caliber .40 or .45 while veteran officers have the option to upgrade or stick with the 9mm.

"We don't want to get into an arms race where we have to start getting .50 calibers, but I think it's only right that officers have at least firearms available to them that they feel comfortable with," Ramsey said.

Full Story: Special Report: Philadelphia police's increased firepower policy

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