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Video: Ariz. police take down resisting suspect as crowd heckles

Police in Mesa subdued and arrested a resisting suspect as an unsupportive crowd yelled to stop

By PoliceOne Staff

MESA, Ariz. — A video that surfaced on YouTube Saturday shows an officer arrest a suspect as onlookers heckle police.

Video taken from a bystander shows a Mesa cop and a suspect get into an altercation and then go around a corner off-camera.

A loud screeching noise can be heard from another responding officer who allegedly got into an accident as he approached the scene, according to AZ Central.

Once on the ground, an officer uses an ECD on the suspect, who appears to still be resisting arrest.

Two officers and a third man — who appears to be a security guard — hold him down as a crowd of bystanders ask why they’re using force.

Mesa Sgt. Tony Landato said the officer followed procedure when the suspect resisted arrest. 

A Mesa spokesman agreed the video showed no signs outside of protocol, according to the article. 

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