Mich. bystander foils suicide-by-cop plot

The man called 911 when he saw someone with a gun crawling under the police gates

By PoliceOne Staff

DETROIT, Mich. — A man whose son lives with severe autism took him to the train station, a trip they often take to satisfy his son’s love of trains, when he foiled a potentially dangerous plot.

Doug Berry noticed a man pacing back and forth outside the nearby police station’s car lot, and even getting in his car and driving away several times and returning, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Berry called 911 when the man again returned to his car, this time taking what appeared to be a gun out of the trunk and crawling under the locked fence gate.

 Berry watched as dozens of officers swarmed the lot and subdued the man.

“The man had told them he wanted to die, and the best way to die was shoot at police so they would have to kill him,” Berry said police told him afterward.

“Obviously, we had a very disturbed, distraught individual,” said Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad. “Thanks to the quick analysis by Mr. Doug Berry, we did avert what would have been a tragedy.”

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