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Cop who survived Wash. shootout recalls standoff

Sgt. Jeff Salstrom was shot multiple times and managed to return fire, shooting the suspect in the chest

By PoliceOne Staff

HOQUIAM, Wash. — An officer involved in a deadly shooting that spurred a 20-hour standoff in March is recalling the dramatic incident and the events that led up to the shooting for the first time.

Sgt. Jeff Salstrom was making an arrest inside a home for real estate fraud when the suspect, Rick Marlowe, reached for his gun and shot the officer as close range, hitting the cop’s hip, according to Komo News.

Marlowe continued firing, hitting Salstrom’s wrist and shooting the mic off his shoulder.

"He got about three rounds off from right about here before I was able to step to the left and start shooting back,” said Salstrom.

Salstrom returned fire, striking Marlowe in the chest. The suspect retreated to another part of the house, according to the report.

Despite his own injuries, Salstrom stayed in the front room until reinforcements arrived to keep the suspect pinned down.

"My deputy chief literally had to pull me out of the house because I didn't want to leave," said Salstrom.

A standoff ensued that lasted until the next morning. The house caught fire, forcing Marlowe to exit, but he refused to drop his weapons and was killed by the surrounding SWAT unit’s gunfire. 

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