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SC officer assaulted while responding to domestic dispute

A Rock Hill man involved in a domestic dispute with his mother came to blows with a police officer on Wednesday

By Jonathan McFadden
The Herald

ROCK HILL, S.C.  A Rock Hill man involved in a domestic dispute with his mother came to blows with a police officer on Wednesday, punching the policeman in the mouth, scratching his face, digging his fingernails into his skin and wrestling with him on the ground before he was cuffed and taken to jail with a bloody lip and swollen face, authorities say.

Police were sent to a South Dave Lyle Boulevard home at about 1 a.m. for a call about a domestic issue between a mother and son, according to a Rock Hill police report. When officers arrived, they met with the mother of Anthony Lamont Adkins, 38, who tried telling police what happened between her and her son.

Adkins kept interfering, police reported, preventing officers from speaking with his mother. He grabbed his mother's arm and began pulling her away from the officer even after the officer asked Adkins to let his mother go. The policeman grabbed Adkins' arm. That's when Adkins stepped back and punched the officer in his mouth, grabbed the policeman's shirt and pulled his microphone off.

Adkins and the officer began to wrestle as Adkins tried throwing another punch. The officer punched Adkins in the jaw, knocking him to the ground, the report states. Adkins got up and ran from the officer towards the backyard. The officer chased Adkins and the two continued their duel. Adkins scratched the officer's face with his fingernails. The officer struck back with a punch. Adkins rolled over on his side, police said, and began to comply.

Another woman, later identified as Tiki Marquez, 36, ran into the backyard and yelled for Adkins to "get him baby." Another officer arrived on scene and helped the policeman cuff Adkins. Police asked Marquez to leave the house because Adkins' mother wanted her placed on trespass notice. Marquez became upset and yelled racial epithets at the officer. Officers detained Marquez, issuing her a citation for public disorderly conduct before releasing her on scene.

Police charged Adkins with third-degree assault and battery, damage to city property and resisting arrest.

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