Video: Texas cop rescues woman seconds before train hits them

As the officer approached, the lights warning of an oncoming train activated — allowing him very little time to act

By PoliceOne Staff

RICHMOND, Texas — A video released by the Richmond Police Department captures an officer pulling a woman from railroad tracks moments before a train speeds by.

According to the department’s Facebook page, Officer R. Morales received a call reporting a woman sitting on railroad tracks early Sunday.

As Morales approached, the lights warning of an oncoming train activated — allowing Morales very little time to act.

Dash cam captured Officer Morales risk his life and pull the woman from the tracks seconds before the train arrived. In fear that she may attempt to run back toward the train, Morales held on to her until it finished passing.

The female was later transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

Officer Morales has been with the department for 10 months. 

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