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Trending topics: When a sports fan turns violent

By PoliceOne Staff

This week, we look at incidents out of an extremely unpredictable environment – sports games. Although the majority of these popular events go by without incident, the abundance of alcohol, rowdy fans, tension between opposing teams, and massive crowds means that a sports arena can create the perfect cocktail for a violent incident to occur. Check out these five examples and share your thoughts and own experiences below.

Off-duty cop, man tussle at Rockies game

The man was shoved and placed in handcuffs after he was instructed to sit down multiple times and failed to do so.


Police TASER, subdue rowdy Chiefs fan

An Overland Park man got involved in an altercation at Arrowhead Stadium during which he allegedly kicked a police officer in the groin.


Cops tackle man at NFL Pro Bowl

A man ran on the field during the NFL's Pro Bowl. Cops chased him through a sea of players before tackling him to the ground.

Oakland A's fan takes on 3 cops, gets TASERed

The angered man threw several punches and was promptly removed from the game as the crowd heckled.

Security guards tackle streaker at football game

If you're working security, how do you apprehend a streaker? The fence sure helped.



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