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A reminder on cover versus concealment

Submitted by Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead PD, New York

Do you know the difference between cover and concealment? Do you know how to find cover for your protection, or do you just jump behind the nearest bush, sheetrock wall, or living room couch? How many times have you responded to a call of a domestic dispute, or an unwanted person at a convenience store, or a Larceny or Robbery call? On how many of those calls did you take a minute to consider your cover options? What would you do if things went bad real quick?

You have to be aware or your surroundings so that you know what will protect you and what will get you injured or worse. If you don't know the difference between cover and concealment, consider looking around from now on and you will start to realize how many things a bullet can penetrate and pass through. Make sure when you get behind something for cover it is capable of stopping a round from getting to you.

• Engine blocks are better than cars doors
• Brick, steel, and cement, are better than sheetrock
• Propane tanks aren’t particularly good at all

Think safety all the time and you will be fine. A tactical mindset starts with a positive and safe attitude.

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