Possible firearms concealment for female subjects

Some seasoned violators — including, but not limited to, members of certain gangs — make it a practice to have their girlfriends carry their guns. Their strategy is based in part on the belief that some officers may have a tendency to immediately focus on the males in a group and underestimate, if not virtually ignore, accompanying females. This, obviously, is an extremely dangerous mistake.

A couple of days ago I was sent the same video by two different people. The first thing that dashed across my devious mind isn’t worth repeating here, but the second thing that occurred to me most certainly merits mention in this space. The concealment method in the below video clip offers a very good reminder to never let your guard down, and to never forget females in the vicinity. It’s also an illustration of clever and extremely effective concealment.

Regardless of whether they’re the only ones armed, female subjects — particularly those found in the company of known violent offenders — can potentially pose a serious threat that must be considered and mitigated every single time. Never underestimate or ignore them and be sure you’re up to speed on thorough opposite-sex search techniques.

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