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Be a little 'froggy' on patrol

Submitted by Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead, New York

In this line of work it’s better to be a little bit froggy (jumpy) but do it in a positive way.

Your command presence may not be enough to get the message to the bad guy that you are on your game. Your presence and your movement — eyes, hands, facial expressions, finger pointing and good balance and posture — will make them think twice before taking a chance on testing your ability to take care of business.

Now you can be froggy and still maintain a professional demeanor. You don’t have to threaten someone to look the part, you don’t have to hit someone to let them know you are ready and able.

When I say froggy, I don’t mean jumpy as in afraid. I’m talking froggy as in prepared to leap — prepared to take care of business. You can project that behavior without ever making a threat of using force at all. Make them respect you without intimidation, but respect you because you are not the officer they want to test.

Be that officer, be that Frog. Be the officer they want to take the ticket from and drive away... the officer who they just don’t want to test.

Be careful, be professional, be ‘froggy’ — leap when you need to leap.

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