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Blue on Blue: Mental preparation for a worst-case scenario

The possibility of the Blue-on-Blue use-of-force situation happening to us unfortunately keeps increasing. For the Off-Duty Officer or the Retired Officer, it is one situation that learning the right things to do and wearing/using items like the LEOSA banner seems good and will hopefully do the trick for you.

However, this Blue-on-Blue situation (like almost all others) is one where the “worst case scenario” is what we need to be prepared for (or at least be as prepared as possible). The worst case scenario here would be a coworker that changes paths and becomes a threat to you and your legal duty is to use lethal force against them.

How do you prepare for that?

I feel that being mentally prepared would be the most valuable single thing that you can do for this and all lethal force incidents. All that you have to do to get the mental preparedness started is to “daydream” about being involved in this type of situation (or just thinking your way through this type of incident, from beginning to end). Doing this very simple thing can help you tremendously in all deadly force incidents. Doing so does not mean that your psychopathic, it simply makes the scenario not quite as much of a surprise. It not being a complete surprise means that you are to some degree mentally prepared; therefore you will be better able to handle the event if it happens to you.

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