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Who do you think you're fooling?

Submitted by Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead, New York

I pay close attention to everything tactical. I read so many tips here on PoliceOne — and have actually submitted a few — everything from driving skills, to firearm and trigger control, to flashlights, wearing your vest, and wearing your seat belt. We’ve had them all, submitted and told by those who train officers to those who actually survived to tell about their own brush with injury and death.

You can’t get enough training in law enforcement. You are never too senior to learn. If you are just coming into the profession, look, listen, and learn. Your eyes and ears should be open — your mouth closed (unless you’re asking questions).

To all of you who do not take at least two hours a week (preferably more) to go over your safety skills, check your firearm, vest, flashlight, OC, baton, TASER and tactical awareness: Who do you think you’re fooling?

You need to be a contender not a pretender. I don’t want any officer to depend on luck when their life is at stake. True winners prepare to win against all odds. So pay attention to the safety tips here on P1, and even better, if you have one to share, share it.

Good preparation brings great results. Get to the gym, go for a run, go to the range, train with a partner so you know before you have to throw down with a perp what each of you will do.

Tactical thinking and training will bring good tactical and professional action.

Stay Safe.

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