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Avoiding avoidable injuries

Submitted by Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead, New York

We see and hear reports and stories of officers being injured in many incidents involving the physical task of taking subjects into custody. This involves everything from the old hands on routine to trying to get cuffs on a resisting subject, or even assisting another officer attempting to do same.

Many officers report injuring an ankle, a shoulder, hand, wrist, or lower back in this type of situation even though there wasn’t one punch thrown by the suspect.  This even happens when there wasn’t any wrestling on the ground.

So why are so many officers being injured? Simply because they don’t take the time to work out. 

You need to keep your body in motion to be physical. Walk, ride a bike, jog a mile three times a week, lift a few light weights.  No matter what you do, don’t forget to get into the habit of stretching.

These types of activities will help you maintain some body and muscle tone and keep you from straining your joints and keep you in the fight and on the job. Try getting out of your cruiser every 45 minutes to get your leg muscles moving and your blood flowing. It could make the difference in your physical well being. 

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