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Do you have your team's back?

Submitted by Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead, New York

I’m submitting this as a reminder of who we are and how we are supposed to work as a unit, a team of one, all moving in the same direction for the same goals.

We all know or have worked with an officer who never seems to get to the scene first or always seems to get to the flares while others are elbow deep in extrication of injured and first aid... the officers who never seem to be on the pile when attempting to get a perp cuffed... the one who never seems to get his or her hair messed or uniform dirty.

If you know an officer like this or have to work with an officer like this get a cup of coffee or after work hook up for a favorite beverage and have ‘the conversation.’

They may not know they are doing anything that is working against the team. We all have seen, heard, or personally experienced this type of officer personality. Don’t be afraid to fix it. Don’t be that officer, and don’t be afraid to say something to get them on board with the program... to meet the common goal... with teamwork.

The more people we have moving in the same direction the better our performance on the street. Be well and safe.

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