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Be self serving: Serve yourself some training!

Submitted by Rich Von Voigt
Riverhead, New York

We all see and hear from many defensive tactics instructors and martial arts people on this site. They are all preaching one thing: training.

There are so many different ideas and so many ways to take someone down, use an arm bar or come along. There are escapes from choke holds. There are techniques for gun retention and avoiding the blade.

No matter how many videos, articles, or preaching is done, none of it matters if you’re not the self serving type. I could tell you all day and night long the importance of police hands-on training, simple tactics that may save your life or your partners. I could talk until I turn green like the Hulk himself, it won’t matter one bit until each and every officer becomes self serving to himself.

We have had numerous instructors demonstrating all kinds of tactics — from fighting on the ground to handcuffing to leg control. None of it will mean a thing unless the street officer realizes the importance of having these advocates of defensive tactics around to continue to preach the word. Everyday another officer is fighting for his or her life, another officer is shot, and another assaulted.

For the sake of good common sense, learn to fight not just your self defense — you must know your offense as well.

Know your own strength and weakness. Don’t give the bad guys any advantage on you.

I’m a self defense advocate. I preach it all the time. Problem is, it’s hard to find officers who really listen. Those of you who train know what I’m talking about, those of you who don’t. All I can say is, become self serving and make time to train, learn to survive. Stay in the fight and take the fight to them.

I don’t care if you agree with the tactics being shown at any particular time — just understand the message being sent. The more you know, the better the outcome for YOU!

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