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Carrying off duty with the 'Flashbang' holster

Submitted by Linda McLaughlin
Brevard County Sheriff's Office, Florida

For a couple of years, I’ve carried my .380 for my off duty firearm. It’s easily concealed under fitted clothing with the use of the Flashbang holster. Yes, Flashbang. 

The holster itself is made of a durable kydex material and attaches to the front of the bra with a leather strap. I’m not overly blessed in the chest region so the idea you need a lot of cushion there to conceal a weapon is a myth. Friends and coworkers were unaware I was carrying concealed under fitted shirts. 

This prompted officer safety concerns regarding pat down and searches of females. I did a couple of squad trainings on this, and unfortunately some well-trained male and female officers missed the concealed firearm. They found knives, hidden cuff keys and such, but rushed through checking the chest area. 

There are plenty of YouTube videos and demos for the Flashbang holster to show how easily concealed it is and how fast a firearm can be retrieved from it. 

It’s worth viewing for a quick squad training. 

Stay Safe!

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