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Tactical Traffic and Weapons Tips(Secure - Login Required)

  1. Bic Lighter Gun
    This gun looks exactly like a small bic lighter that people carry all of the time. It fires a single shot, and I could not really tell the difference between the gun and the real thing.
  2. Wallet Gun
    This gun is carried in the suspect’s pocket and is a 25 cal gun. It has the gun inside of the wallet. A hole is cut in the center of the wallet for the trigger. The person is able to pull the trigger without opening the wallet.

I bring these two up because during a pat down, if I feel what I believe to be these items, I always remove them from the suspect's person. I can articulate, through training, that these could be a weapon used against me. Our legal department says as long as you can articulate that this could potentially be a weapon, you are golden. This may seem like a small thing, but I have seen the guns, and they are very real.

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