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5 most popular police videos of June

By PoliceOne Staff

The most popular video of June shows an officer struggle with, then shoot, a suspect who relentlessly beat him with his own baton. A second officer-involved shooting was captured on video in Illinois, and security camera footage of an arrest outside an Omaha, Neb., hospital rounds out the month's most-viewed footage.

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Phila. officer beaten with his own baton

Cell phone video shows a struggle in which a Philadelphia police officer shot a suspect who was relentlessly beating him with his own baton, refusing to let up.


Ill. cop shoots, kills suspect after foot pursuit

One of two suspects who allegedly damaged property outside a local bar while intoxicated threatened officers with a weapon and was fatally shot.


FHP trooper chases car the wrong way at 100-mph

Dash cam video shows a trooper pursuing a white car he had clocked speeding at 120 mph in a posted 65 mph zone. He followed the car up an exit ramp and past a warning sign, driving the wrong way for 1/8 mile.


Bikers harass cops, deputy arrests rider 'for video evidence'

Police are looking into a biker's claim that a Dallas County deputy sheriff pulled him over Memorial Day weekend in order seize his helmet camera. Earlier, a group of riders had reportedly taunted officers.


Neb. officer fired over arrest video is reinstated

A labor arbitrator ruled to reinstate a four-year police veteran who was fired in September along with one other officer for participating in the arrest of a man outside a hospital.




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