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Video: Officers rescue kidnapped man from car trunk

The officers were honored for their quick thinking when they knew a traffic stop seemed off

By PoliceOne Staff

LOUISVILLE, Ky.— Newly released video shows officers freeing a man who they found bound, gagged and stuffed in a trunk of his own car where he believes he was stuck for three hours before being discovered.  

The incident began when Shawn Bloemer left the convenience store where he worked and noticed Trent Byle was attempting to steal a tire from his car.

"He started to hit me, struck me in the head, punched me in the stomach a couple of times. They shoved me headfirst into the light post," said Bloemer.

The three suspects wrapped Bloemer’s head in a towel and tied his wrists before shoving him into the trunk.

“Right before they closed the trunk they said this isn't personal, we need your car."

Officers Daniel Goldberg and Frederick Wilson pulled the car over just as Bloemer, who passed out, was coming to. He knew he heard officers and began kicking the trunk.  The video shows the officers suddenly become more aware of the situation and calling for back-up.

The three suspects are charged with kidnapping, theft, and wanton endangerment after the August incident. 

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