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Top 5 police videos of February

By PoliceOne Staff

February brought us footage of police saving a woman from the Mississippi, a woman kicking officers and shattering a squad window,and Swedish police getting down to the Harlem Shake.

Be sure to tell us your favorites in the comments section, and keep uploading good finds to BLUtube.


Fireball crash ends high-speed pursuit

A high speed pursuit ended when the suspect's car slammed into a guardrail and burst into flames, requiring officers to rescue him from the engulfed car.


Swedish police Harlem Shake

Swedish police try their hand at the viral phenomenon that's been sweeping world: The Harlem Shake. 


Traffic stop turns into dramatic pursuit, gunfight

A seemingly compliant man at a traffic stop suddenly becomes violent, firing at the officer and speeding off.


Woman kicks officers, shatters squad window

A woman attracted police attention when she fled her mother's car, ran across the highway, and resisted arrest all the way to the station.


Off duty Mo. cop saves woman who drove into Mississippi

The officer dove in after her, pulled her from the vehicle, and brought her back to his squad to warm up.




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