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Video: Texas cops rescue kidnap victim, arrest abductor

Two teen boys noticed the woman in the vehicle next to them looked scared and mouthed 'help me,' so they called 911

By PoliceOne Staff

DALLAS, Texas — Police arrested a man on suspicion of kidnapping after pulling him over and finding a panicked woman in the back of the vehicle.

Two teenagers called 911 after realizing the woman in the back seat of the vehicle beside them was mouthing ‘help me,’ according to Metro.uk.

The teens followed the vehicle down the highway until police caught up and continued the pursuit.

Dash cam showed the officers approaching the vehicle. Audio captures cries from the woman as the officers asked the driver to exit the vehicle.

The woman, who has not been identified, was forced into her own car after she left a downtown office building, according to the report.

The woman hugged her rescuer as she got out of the car.

Charles Atkins Lewis Jr. was arrested on charges of aggravated kidnapping. 

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