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PoliceOne’s eNewsletter brings the latest police news to more law enforcement professionals than any other online. The newsletter is sent out three times per week to more than 150,000 LEOs. What’s even better, it’s free to sign up.

The PoliceOne eNewsletter is designed to keep all members of the law enforcement community, from chiefs to rookies, up to date on the latest news and industry trends. It covers topics such as police technology, safety and training affecting officers everywhere. Each newsletter contains exclusive columns, secure tactical tips, and videos from BluTube and PoliceOneTV.

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PoliceOne is one of the great leaders, trainers, and innovators in the law enforcement world. They are touching lives and saving lives every day. Thanks for all that you do! And you can quote me on that! Carpe Noctem (Seize the night!)
— Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker
PoliceOne.com is loaded with information that serves the law enforcement professional. This is a daily 'must access' Web site, and the PoliceOne Member Newsletter keeps you fully informed with information and news that is specially tailored for the law enforcement professional. If you want to be 'in the know', you can't afford to not subscribe.
— Ed Nowicki, ILEETA Founder and Executive Director Emeritus
PoliceOne has regularly had a major impact not only on the way I do business, but on my thinking as well. The articles consistently draw on the wisdom of colleagues who've been there, done that, and lived to tell about it. The news stories provide a much greater "big picture" than the blurbs that appear in civilian media. PoliceOne is an extremely valuable resource for anyone in law enforcement, regardless of assignment or rank.
— Chief Rob Hall, La Crosse (Va.) Police Department
The enemy has not gone to sleep, but too often it appears that the nation has. Our military and law enforcement remain constantly on guard and collectively hold the line. PoliceOne is a key source of information and a reminder to us all that what we do daily is the foundation effort. It may be unnoticed and even unappreciated but it is what keeps this nation safe.
— Chief Jeff Chudwin, Olympia Fields (Ill.) Police Department
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