Prison inmate fatally shoots corrections officer

Editor's Note — "We learn these terrible lessons, only to soon forget them and go back to our complacent ways," says Gary Klugiewicz. "When it comes to basic prisoner transportation procedures, some things don't change — how to do it right or how to do it wrong. Until every prisoner transportation is done by the numbers every time, these tragedies will continue."

The Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY A prison inmate getting medical treatment at the University of Utah stole a gun from a corrections officer Monday and fatally shot him, authorities said.

The inmate fled the scene and drove to a Arby's restaurant, where he was captured by police.

The prisoner was inside an examination room at the campus orthopedic center, university Police Chief Scott Folsom said.

"There was some sort of altercation. The inmate got hold of the weapon and shot the officer," he said.

A spokesman for the Utah Department of Corrections said officers routinely transport prisoners to the university for medical appointments.

"Nobody here can remember one of our officers every being killed during a transfer," spokesman Jack Ford said.

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