SWAT team sent to fight flood in Neb.

Team will secure levees along Missouri River

By PoliceOne Staff

South Sioux City, Neb. — Nebraska State Patrol SWAT team members have been sent to South Sioux City to patrol levees along the flooded Missouri River, according to a report from a local news channel.

The team received its orders Saturday morning, and was chosen because SWAT training results in specialized skills that could effectively aid in the effort.

15 members left Nebraska and showed up for duty on Saturday afternoon.

Dain Hicks, a Nebraska State Trooper, commented on the team's task. "Whatever the mission needs, we've got tools here that are in place, and a plan to help out right then and there, since we're all here right now. There isn't a lot of discussion. We know who needs to handle what aspect of that job when it's given to us," he said.

Along with securing the levees, The SWAT team will also help patrol evacuated houses. Police report that since the flooding, the homes have been the target of vandalism. On Sunday night, four homes on one block were vandalized.

Hicks reports that plans for foot patrols to monitor the abandoned houses are in the works. "We've had some situations, and we've dealt with those individuals," Hicks said.

The SWAT team urges everyone in the area to keep the safety of the community in mind by staying away from the scene and letting the SWAT team and other public safety officials do their jobs.

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