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Is an MP ready?

While an MP I came to the conclusion that I was always one step behind civilian police officers. An MP deals with the same bad guys, the same crimes, and the same stress.

But, does an MP receive the same training, the same equipment, or the same respect? Every military installation I know of in the U.S. is patrolled and protected by MP. Each post usually has a traffic investigator, K-9 officers, investigators, and a Special Reaction Team (SRT).

I would consider my training as an MP inadequate with my job requirements. An average MP will spend the majority of his career on patrol. Yet, the majority of his training is not focused on this mission.

I served with the Ft. Stewart SRT for my last year in the military. Truly the most beneficial training and experience I aquired the four and a half years I served. But, for the average MP he receives almost no training when it comes to hand cuffing, unarmed self defense, non-lethal weapons, and even a traffic stop.

Usually after basic training, and I mean basic, the training stops for law enforcement. Are you aware an Army MP is not allowed to carry a round in the chamber. When faced with a shooting situation how long does that MP really have to draw, load, aim, and fire? Not long enough. The MP needs your help. Take the time out to seek an installation nearby and donate the time that could save his life. An MP needs the basics. Remember, that risk the same lives as you and I. They make the same sacrifices as you and I. Yet they don't have the same resources to prepare for the same situations you and I have been trained for and continue to train for. My national guard unit has been activated for the homeland defense mission. I have taken the time to help the newly activated SRT to share the experience and knowledge that I have aquired.

On behalf of the MP's across the globe, we thank you and pray for you, as we hope you pray for us. God Bless our fallen brothers.

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