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SWAT response to multiple-cell attacks

The objective of law enforcement is to provide a swift and overwhelming response to interrupt the deadly actions of the attackers

Today’s officer is burdened with more than ever before. Not only do we face the tasks of the past, we have the new challenges of the future. It took a mass murder at high school and a decade of training uniformed officers how to properly respond to an active shooter. We know that a terrorist attack using small unit tactics in our country is very possible. The 2008 Mumbai attack and the Beslan siege are indicators of what we in law enforcement should prepare for. Beslan and Mumbai taught us several in which we should prepare for and some experts say those attacks were merely dress rehearsals for what’s to come in the United States.

We know that these two terrorist incidents were successful in the minds of the terrorist because they were able to obtain maximum exposure from their objectives. What they do and how they do this is the key for preparation and response by law enforcement. These extreme soldiers of Jihad will plan to cause a high number of casualties to gain attention. They will use their victims as pawns to demonstrate their ruthlessness. Mumbai taught the India national police that they were not prepared for such an encounter. The question is are we?

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