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W.I.N. will help you win

How do you win a fight? By remembering the acronym W.I.N. – “What’s important NOW,” said Brian Willis, a retired trainer with Calgary, Canada PD who instructed at the recent IALEFI Conference.


This means you should apply a sliding scale of priorities depending on the dynamics of the fight and initiate a triage approach to your actions.


What is your top goal at this very moment in time? Is it to debilitate the right arm he’s pummeling you with? Is it to protect yourself from a weapon he’s just revealed? Is it to get him cuffed now that you have him under control…or is it to get away from the offender so you can regroup?


Winning a fight can be a moment-by-moment endeavor and skipping ahead or falling behind can be a mistake. Prioritize your immediate goals — offense? arrest? defense? get help? — and think W.I.N.!  


For more on Brian Willis’ winning mind-set training, visit www.winningmindtraining.com.

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