What to expect from police academy training

Considering a career in law enforcement? This is what you can expect to learn in the police academy.

Of the many steps required to become a police officer, one of them is graduating from police academy. The police academy is a series of rigorous educational and physical modules that help prepare potential law enforcement officers for handling the demands of the position. There is no standardized academy curriculum for police academies across the United States, but programs will have many similar components. 

Police academy education requirements and curriculum 

A GED or high school diploma is a requirement to become a police officer.  And increasingly, continued education is favored for admittance to an academy. Pre-academy education is a compliment to the academy’s curriculum.  

Dr. Steve Albrecht, previously with the San Diego Police Department, explains, "The academic material is quite broad, ranging from criminal law, report writing, courtroom testimony, patrol theory and operations, first-aid, accident investigations, use of force, and safe driving, and firearms training." 


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