Video: PoliceOne’s Mike Wood on the next generation of active shooter response

Mike Wood discusses what he calls the third generation of active shooter response, which prepares communities for active shooters before law enforcement arrives

By PoliceOne Staff

PoliceOne Columnist and Editorial Board member Mike Wood spoke with NRA-TV and Gun Talk to expand on his recent article about how police can direct public response to active shooters.

In his interviews, Wood spoke about how active shooter response has changed throughout the decades to meet the needs of communities police are protecting. Since the attack on University of Texas at Austin students in 1966, police have developed a planned response for active shooters. Over the years, incidents like Columbine in 1999 and recent attacks across the nation have evolved how police should respond to active shooter situations.

Wood proposes what he calls the third generation of active shooter response, which enables law enforcement to help people help themselves in active shooter situations until first responders arrive.

“The time between the start of killing and the arrival of police represents the most lethal period in most active shooter events as the attacker operates unopposed,” Wood wrote. He believes police have an obligation to help the community be better prepared for these encounters. 

Watch the full interviews below.

Mike Wood: The Next Generation Of Active Shooter Response
Relentless: S2, E7

Mike Wood: The Next Generation of Active-Shooter Response

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