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5 phases of an active shooter incident for all cops to know backward and forward

Preparing for and responding to an active shooter incident requires a when-then mindset

The term active shooter is a perfect description for what happens in these increasing familiar incidents. One or more people begin shooting everyone in sight, either for a specific purpose or simply at random. As to be expected, law enforcement begins adapting and gearing up to meet the challenges these incidents present. Unfortunately, we have learned the hard way that to wait for a SWAT team to respond at the scene will not save a single person. An active shooter incident requires an immediate, effective and efficient act of courage. Whether a police officer is on or off duty, he needs to ride to the sound of the guns, and end the threat as quickly as possible.

The list of cities struck by the phenomenon of active shooters is tragically long. ASIs are not geographically or socioeconomically constrained, they occur in both rural and urban areas. Therefore, law enforcement agencies all over the country are designing training programs to address the possibility that they might face similar threats in their jurisdictions. Their ultimate goal is to eliminate and minimize casualties in the event their officers are met with this unique challenge.

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