2 Calif. gunmen arrested after SWAT standoff

Editor’s Note:

Editor’s Note: This incident — which occurred three miles from the “world headquarters” for PoliceOne — prompts us to call attention to this excellent Video Tactical tip by PoliceOne contributor Don Alwes. Some PoliceOne Members saw this when it originally ran in our Christmas Eve 2011 Newsletter, but due to the holiday, it’s possible a good number of you missed it.

By PoliceOne Staff

SAN FRANCISCO — Police arrested two men after a nearly two-hour long search for two violators who had been firing rifles from the top of a building in an area of the City known as SoMa — for “South of Market” — near the off ramp to the busy 101 freeway. Upon receiving reports of numerous shots being fired patrol officers and officers SWAT teams arrived on scene and almost immediately heard at least three more shots fired.

SFPD officers worked alongside patrolmen from California Highway Patrol and SFFD firefighters (police had requested a ladder truck to the scene at around 2330 hours). The multi-agency force cordoned off the area and spent nearly two hours searching for gunmen who had been seen moving from rooftop to rooftop during the incident.

One witness who ‘blogged’ about it as events unfolded, said “I was instructed earlier by an M16-toting tac officer not to leave my building.”

“During the standoff neighborhood residents couldn’t reach their homes in the area,” said one report on SF-ist. Others in the neighborhood were confined to nearby watering holes like The Stud where police reportedly kept patrons inside while the SWAT team rooted out the shooters. Apparently four cabs were also confined to an alleyway in the area.

According to reports, no police officers discharged their firearm in the course of the incident, and at about 0100 hours local time, the two men surrendered — climbing slowly down a fire escape.

No injuries were reported, and the suspects — who are now facing a variety of weapons charges — have not yet been identified. SFPD spokesman Officer Albie Esparza reportedly said at least one gun was taken into evidence.

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