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Video roundup: Chaos unfolds after deadly cinema shooting

Police and witnesses describe what happened during and immediately after the "Dark Knight Rises" rampage

By PoliceOne Staff

When a heavily armed gunman opened fire inside a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., Friday, reactions to the chaos that killed 12 and injured dozens of others were captured on video by witnesses and authorities.

A graphic amateur video shows the frightened crowd stream out of the theater immediately after shots were fired during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Eyewitness Tanner Coon recounts how he managed to escape the rampage.

Police describe the crime scene at the movie theater where James Holmes, 24, of Aurora, opened fire.

A moviegoer describes seeing a little girl lay on the ground, covered in blood after gunfire erupted during a shooting scene in the new Batman film.

The magnitude of the event is apparent through police radio recordings. "I got a child victim I need rescue at the back door of theater 9 now!" says one officer.

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