Rapid Response: 5 learning points from the Colorado shootout

In what may have been a planned ambush attack, a gunman shot several deputies, fatally injuring Deputy Zackari Parrish

In the early morning hours of December 31, 2017, deputies from the Douglas County (Colo.) Sheriff’s Office were called to the Copper Canyon Apartments in Highlands Ranch, about 10 miles south of Denver. The original report was of a disturbance inside one of the apartments.

Shortly after deputies were admitted to the apartment of Matthew Riehl, Riehl opened fire on the deputies with a rifle, killing Deputy Zackari Parrish III, 29, and wounding three deputies, plus an officer from the Castle Rock Police Department.

Riehl was killed in the exchange of gunfire after firing over 100 rounds at officers.

It appears that Deputy Parrish has the sad distinction of being the last U.S. law enforcement officer killed in 2017.

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