Video: Calif. sergeant rescues bear cub trapped in garbage bin

Police say the sergeant has had two bear rescues in recent weeks

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TRUCKEE, Calif. — A bear cub has been reunited with its mother thanks to a police officer in Northern California who colleagues are calling a "bear whisperer."

Truckee Police Sgt. Mon Pere responded to a report of the momma bear trying to free her cub from a garbage container. Police video shows Pere calling out to momma bear that he was going to help baby bear. The officer climbed on another container and told the cub he was a friend as he lifted the lid. The cub scampered out and ran to its mother, who was watching up a hill.

Police say the sergeant has had two bear rescues in recent weeks.


We seem to have our own bear whisperer at our department... Sgt. Mon Pere has a knack for rescuing our bears, as you've now seen 2 rescues caught on video in a few weeks time! This morning a momma bear and cub were rummaging through a dumpster when the lid fell enclosing the baby bear inside. Citizens nearby saw the mom trying to free her cub and called us. Momma bear was waiting on the hill when we arrived and Sgt. Mon Pere and Officer Donahue were able to free the little cub and send them both on their way. REMEMBER to be #BearAware and LOCK up all your garbage containers! Help keep our bears wild!

Posted by Truckee Police on Friday, November 16, 2018
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