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Mike Williams' 10.02.06 local cop news

Colorado: Hostage case may alter SWAT tactics. Situation was complicated by fact that no hostages were initially being killed.

Minnesota: Gunfire erupts during Minneapolis SWAT team drug raid.

Minnesota: Police shooting victim's family and police meet.

Alabama: The man suspected of shooting a Montgomery police officer has been charged with attempted murder of a police officer, a police spokesman said today.

Chicago: Police tight-lipped about cop killer case.

Missouri: Lawmen split over gun range. Sheriff wants in on police project.

Iowa:The SWAT team is called to very dangerous situations. Which is why members of the team want to stay sharp, and train for the disasters whenever they have the chance.

Kansas: Possible suspect motive for police shooting.

Maine: County's SWAT team gains a Zodiac boat.

New Jersey: After standoff, man surrenders to authorities.

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