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Mike Williams' 10.13.06 local cop news

North Carolina: Suspect died of drug overdose, not Taser, autopsy finds.

Canada: Taser fails to subdue suspect, cop stabbed.

Colorado: Timeline shows gunman cased school before shooting.

Oregon: The Washington County District Attorney said Wednesday the shooting of an 18-year-old killed by deputies in the Tigard area last month was tragic but justified.

South Carolina: Deputy Tasers runaway cow.

Michigan: Lincoln Park cops not to blame in death after Taser stun, chief says.

Texas: Experience shows SWAT’s effectiveness.

New Mexico: Chief wants missing-suspect cop fired.

Canada: SWAT team under fire. Inquiry into fatal 1999 raid told cops have 'damn the consequences' attitude.

Kentucky: Multiple police forces take part in school training.

Oregon: Do you believe there are evil people (police editorial)

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