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Mike Williams' 12.21.06 local cop news

Chattanooga: Freeman Cooper confirmed as chief.

New York: The NYPD should look hard at what needs to be changed so that what happened to Sean Bell never recurs. But changing the weapons cops carry should not be one of those changes. The semiautomatics cops use, in fact, are part of the solution - not part of the problem.

Florida: Family of shot Milwee student plans to sue cops. Relatives say a sheriff's sharpshooter was negligent in killing the boy, who had a real-looking pellet gun.

Baltimore: Officer fatally shoots stabbing suspect.

Virginia: A police chief and a police sergeant were charged with federal civil-rights violations yesterday in the alleged unnecessary use of an electric stun gun on prisoners.

Pennsylvania: Tear gas used to end 9-hour standoff.

New Mexico: Wounded officer, bold citizens honored.

Wisconsin: Police sergeant dismissed for excessive use of force.

Minnesota: Fake firearms targeted in St. Paul.

Arizona: Super Taser sports extra electrode for double the fun.

Vermont: A Stowe teenager is facing drug and assault charges in an incident that got him zapped nine times with a Taser.

Chicago: Mashed-potato wrestling draws cops.

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