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Local cop news from Capt. Mike Williams: 12.15.05 report

Arrest in cop killing. Recently freed convict charged in shooting of state trooper.

Note from the field: Mike this unfolded just as the first male and the female were taken into custody on Monday. The teams wrapped up the scene and went to the station to put the gear away and this developed...when it rains, it pours. Drug deal leads to hostage situation.

Friends and comrades mourn slain state police corporal.

Florida: FBI, SWAT Join Forces In Raid On Outlaw Biker House.

A Tennessee state trooper has saved a man's life by using his pocketknife to cut the rope he was using to hang himself from a bridge in a suicide attempt.

Police Officer Crashes During Pursuit; shots fired at police, 3 Suspects Remain On Run.

Jury awards officer $5.2 million in loud church case.

The Milwaukee woman who bit off an officer's fingertip during an arrest is herself a former Milwaukee officer.

Anti-Muslim Race riots: Cops out in force.

New York:
The Spying Game. New York cops and civil libertarians resume their fight over political surveillance.

Playmates' drunken catfight on Denver airplane leads to arrest. But wait, it gets better: “San Antonio authorities say the episode became even more bizarre when Gamba made sexual advances toward two police officers in an attempt to avoid arrest.”

Police to probe use of Taser on woman at neo-Nazi rally.

This link shows an Al-Qaeda training tape for the Meridian hotel bombing in Baghdad. It shows that it is almost impossible to stop such an attack. The video talks about using another car bomb to defeat the jersey barrier in front of the hotel with the second and primary device set to detonate less than 20 meters from the building.

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