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Local cop news with Capt. Mike Williams: 12.27.05 report

Deputy kills woman during drug warrant execution.

Deputy shoots suspect in head after chase.

Los Angeles:
County cops wanted.
Sheriff's ranks down by an alarming 1,100.

Officer's wife campaigns for more support for injured police.

Tennessee Highway Patrol to fire 4 troopers.
They face dismissal for conduct unbecoming an officer; Quartet includes sex filmer, trooper who shot brother.

THP downplayed officer's 10 sex tapes.
He got one-day suspension, no mention in file of multiple incidents of filming couples in public places.

Officer fatally shoots man in hospital emergency room.

San Antonio police and SWAT negotiators use tear gas to end standoff.

Police ID man killed in officer involved shooting.

Cops feel 'very lucky' after shootout.

Family is suing a sanitation company after man's traffic death.
Man's death blamed on negligence that they say caused a portable toilet to fall from a truck, knocking him off his motorcycle into oncoming traffic.

New Orleans:
Suspicions fire racial tensions in New Orleans.

Los Angeles:
Woman tries to swallow cell phone after dispute.

New York:
State Assembly Speaker Ron Silver to reporter: "I don't go to cops' funerals."
"I don't believe that you make political appearances at funerals," he said. But not attending a hero cop's funeral can be a political statement, too.  By staying away a mind-bending 54 times Silver has sent a crystal-clear message: Cops' lives don't count for much in the New York state Assembly.

Man in critical condition after pointing a gun at Houston police officers.

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