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Local cop news with Capt. Mike Williams: 12.29.05 report

Easton Police Chief Withdraws.

Lawyer hired for Easton 'rat list'.
Attorney for 3 police officers has asked city about settlement talks.

Radio commentator Nelson Lauver makes light of an incident in which Sgt. Thomas Smith left his service weapon atop a toilet-paper dispenser in a steakhouse bathroom in his faux song, "Tequila Makes His Gun Fall Off."

Listen to the song

Laramie police chief leaves loaded gun in restaurant bathroom.
When he realized his mistake, Chief Bob Deutsch wrote an e-mail to the entire department stating what he had done. He then wrote himself a written reprimand.

Police involved in gun battle on Walmart parking lot.

Trooper shoots man with gun.
24-year-old fired two shots at cops, advanced with long gun before he was stopped.

Police searching for man who shot officer.

New York:
NYPD faces federal lawsuit challenging its right to force boozing cops into recovery programs against their will.

The head of a commission investigating Russia's Beslan school attack said Wednesday that local police were negligent in ignoring instructions to strengthen security around schools.

Man Charged after Shoot Out with Police.
"I don't think it was a shoot out like the O.K. Corral, but the officers showed restraint or otherwise we could have had a more serious ending for this,” said Benton Police Chief Mike O’Neill.

Collier Co. jail deputy found dead inside his still-running van early Christmas morning from what DeSoto County Sheriff officials believe was a self-inflicted gunshot to the upper leg.

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