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Local cop news with Capt Mike Williams: 12.30.05 report

Holidays’ worst brings out SWAT team’s best.
Note from Capt Williams: This is how we must continually sell the concept of SWAT and police tactical teams to the public. As the NTOA says “SWAT SAVES LIVES” and statistics bear that out. This counters popular media and some of the public’s view of SWAT as assassination squads.)

Just days after an officer shoots and kills a chase suspect, we're learning more about the suspect's past and what happened before the deadly incident.

North Carolina:
Man accused of shooting into deputy's car while he sat in front of his home is charged by police.

An auxiliary police officer accidentally shot her fiancé in the leg while defending herself from a charging pit bull.

Police Shooting Leaves Man Dead, Traffic Snarled.

Police rescue woman held at knifepoint.

Man killed just before Christmas in Milwaukee is son of a woman who became a central figure in a controversial 2003 police shooting.

Dale Pina knew his son needed help when the 17-year-old boy knocked a bedroom door off its hinges and burst in, threatening to kill him in the middle of the night.

Deputy uses Taser on man after tractor chase.
Note from Capt. Williams: (I thought tractor chases only occurred in the South).

Fatal police shooting helps make case for Taser use.

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